When choosing a flooring option, there’s a lot you need to consider other than just how aesthetically appealing it looks. The flooring’s durability, moisture retention, and costs are equally important factors that affect your decision.

If you’re confused between WPC and SPC, the following guide may be able to help you better:


In terms of its look and design, there isn’t much difference between SPC and WPC. Thanks to the latest digital printing technology, both SPC and WPC can be fashioned so that the tiles resemble ceramic, marble, wood, stone, and other types of finishing. You can also get the plans customized in your choice of lengths, widths, and shapes.

As far as the product's overall feel is concerned, SPC is denser and rigid compared to WPC. SPC tiles get cold quickly, whereas WPC can retain its warmth and has a resilient underfoot.


Although SPC and WPS are made of multiple layers fused together, SPC’s outer layer comprises limestone and bears a higher density than WPS. The thickness of the outer layer makes it more durable and resistant to dents and scratches. If you’re someone who likes to move the furniture around a lot, SPC flooring is less susceptible to structural damage.

Other than that, both flooring options are water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. You need to invest in periodic upkeep and cleaning to keep the flooring safe from moisture and spills. With proper maintenance efforts and installation, your flooring will not peel, swell, or ripple.

Application and Uses

Due to their durability, both SPC and WPC are ideal for commercial spaces. However, due to their ease of installation and versatile design options, they’ve also become a popular choice for residential use. Both flooring options are widely used for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Both SPC and WPC don’t require much subfloor preparation before installation. Their rigid core composition also helps them conceal any cracks and divots.

WPC is more popular among homeowners because of its more comfortable underfoot because of the foaming agent present. It offers greater cushioning when you walk and enhanced sound absorption. Even among commercial facilities, WPC is more common where employees constantly need to be on their feet. WPS is also more comfortable than stone and wood.

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