SPC is one of the most sought-after types of flooring these days. SPC is short for Stone Plastic Composite, and it’s a form of vinyl. It’s more popular in high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s extremely durable, resistant to dents or scratches, easy to install, and cost-effective. Continue reading to find out about the benefits of installing SPC flooring.  

1. Easy to Install

SPC flooring doesn’t require a lot of time and effort in installation. It can be installed on top of an existing floor, eliminating the need to remove subflooring and saving a lot of money in the process. The SPC flooring material is made up of individual planks that easily attach together, minimzing the use of glue or other sticky material, which can create a huge mess.

2. High Durability

SPC flooring is highly durable. The material is long-lasting and denser than other flooring types. Hence, it’s easy to maintain. SPC floors can withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to significant impacts, leaving them scratch-free for longer. They don’t need frequent repairs or replacements as they have a thick layer on top, which doesn't wear down quickly.   Simple maintenance of SPC floor using a mop

3. Waterproof

SPC flooring has a rigid core that resists moisture and prevents the floor from warping. Hence, they are perfect for installing in rooms with a damp or moisture-laden environment such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

4. Wood-like Design

SPC flooring is more popular due to its classic design, which imitates natural wood and looks sleek and elegant. It’s also more budget-friendly than other types of hardwood flooring. It comes in various styles, which offers you abundant choice to select patterns, colors, and arrangements according to your preference.

5. Comfortable and Easy to Clean

SPC flooring is comfortable to walk on as it has a thick foam or felt layer underneath, which gives it a padded feeling. The layer also makes it soft and flexible. SPC flooring is also very easy to clean using a simple broom or a damp mop, allowing you to sweep dust and lightly wash the SPC floors' surface. Now that you know all about SPC floorings' benefits, visit New Day Floors LLC to get your SPC flooring installed. With expert advice and a massive variety of SPC floors, you will not be disappointed. We also offer hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, and bathroom remodeling services in San Antonio. Contact us to book your appointment now.