Maintaining a clean living room or bedroom is not that difficult because if you have kids or pets, you can have them participate in outdoor activities instead of making the house their playground. But you can’t ask them not to use the bathroom. That’s ruthless! After your kitchen, a bathrooms attracts the most dirt and bacteria and is also one of the most challenging areas to keep clean. Often the dirt and spilled items tend to gather between the tiles and on the grout lines. Depending on the type of tiles you have in the bathroom, it can get pretty challenging to scrub away the dirt, no matter how strong a cleaning liquid you use. Things can get tougher if you have an all-white bathroom. A close-up of a bathroom drain and white floor tiles   If you want to make your life easier, here are a few suggestions by New Day Floors LLC for bathroom tiles that are the easiest to clean. Contact our floor installers in San Antonio for more advice:

Natural Stone Tiles

These tiles are among the best options available in the market and are the easiest to maintain. They are easy to clean because they are durable and don’t store accumulate dirt or dust. They give off a very modern look and can also be used not just on floors but the walls as well. The best part? They are timeless!

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are extremely strong and hard-wearing and the ultimate low-maintenance material. Porcelain tiles are resistant to humidity, which is why you can install them in high-moisture areas, such as around kitchen sinks, in bathrooms, and on the patio. Plus, they’re also affordable! They come in many types:
  • Polished/Glazed—these are the easiest to clean because of their finishing.
  • Unpolished—requires a little more effort than the polished tiles since it is slightly less porous.
  • Textured—as the name suggests, these are textured and require more attention while cleaning than other porcelain tiles.

SPC Vinyl Flooring

This flooring is an excellent alternative for expensive flooring such as a hardwood floor. It’s water-resistant and has a smooth and flat surface, making it easy to clean and an excellent choice for bathrooms. It’s also durable and can last up to 10 to 20 years, but this depends on the quality you invest in.

Glass Tiles  

These tiles give your bathroom a modern appeal while being extremely low-maintenance and easy to clean. They’re also resistant to stains because they are not porous. However, fingerprints and footprints might be easily visible. Although they require frequent cleaning, it’s nothing a little wiping with a cloth can’t handle. The only drawback is that some glass tiles might be a little expensive and can only be used for the shower, not the rest of the bathroom.

Flooring Companies in San Antonio

Deciding which tiles to get for which area of the house can be pretty confusing, especially if you have many preferences to consider. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to stress yourself out. New Day Floors LLC, flooring installers in San Antonio, offer various floor installation services. We’ll also walk you through each one. You can get an excellent bathroom remodeling or bathroom renovation at the most competitive price and flexible payment options. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.