Getting new flooring is always an exciting prospect! You get to revamp the interior design and give your home a refreshing new look. However, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it—especially when it comes to your furniture. Here’s what you can do with it:

Plan it out!

Before installing the new flooring, your furniture obviously needs to be moved, and you have to plan it out. But before planning the move, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Start by considering the size of the flooring project. If you’re just getting the floor re-installed in the kitchen, you’ll only need to move the kitchenette tables and the two chairs that come with it to another room. However, if you’re getting the entire house re-floored, it would call for bigger arrangements. Consider the timeframe of the installation. If you’re short on time, you need to make arrangements for your furniture as soon as possible. If you’re living in a studio apartment, moving the furniture out would be a lot more challenging than someone who has a garage and spare rooms. You’ll also have to make a tradeoff between muscle and money! Do you think you can carry the couches yourself? Would you be okay with paying a buddy to do so for you? Make a choice that best fits your needs.   Kitchen furniture to be moved right before installing new flooring    

Short-term storage

If your budget allows, storage units are always a great option. Temporary storage units let you relocate your furniture with peace of mind. You can pay the facility for as long as you want to store the furniture. You can bring it back after the installation process is over. Some storage unit facilities also offer to pick up your furniture and drop it back at your home. This could save you some backache!

Take proper care!

If you’re not sure about handling the furniture, we recommend you go about it room by room. Move the furniture to another room while the tiles are installed and move them back after it's done. This definitely means lots of moving and carrying from one room to another, but your furniture won’t have to leave the house. If there are any heavy dressers or desks, we recommend getting furniture pads to prevent dents and scratches. Fit these under the legs of the furniture. Try not to drag the furniture along the furniture both before and after the installation. Lift it instead. New Day Floors LLC promises premium quality flooring installation in San Antonio. We specialize in laminate floor installation, luxury vinyl flooring, and tile flooring. Get in touch!