SPC vinyl flooring is sweeping the flooring industry thanks to its robust and environmental qualities & characteristics. Unlike tile, granite, or wood, it includes natural supplementary cementitious materials, polyvinyl chloride, and preservatives. It’s also non-toxic, solvent-free, and eco-friendly. If you're considering a house remodel, new flooring might significantly impact your new house design. SPC flooring, which means "stone plastic composite", is made up of polyvinyl boards designed to look like marble and timber but come at an affordable price. This type of floor is much denser and more resistant to impacts when compared to other flooring types. They hold up well against wear and tear in areas with high traffic because of their resistance to stains and scratches. Let’s consider some more pros and cons before you decide to get SPC flooring installed in your home:


The following are some advantages of SPC flooring:

1. Vinyl Flooring is Inexpensive

Since vinyl flooring is a green product, many people believe it’s costly. However, it’s anything but. Vinyl flooring is relatively cheaper compared to luxury flooring choices, such as marble, hardwood, or stone, vinyl flooring.

2. It’s Durable

SPC flooring is exceptionally long-lasting and can withstand high traffic. Because of these characteristics, it’s increasingly installed in business settings, such as offices, retail stores, and hotels. Pet owners shouldn't be concerned about their vinyl flooring because it’s also resistant to staining and scratching. Not only that, but some companies offer years of warranty, making it even more suitable for both domestic and business use. Two dogs on SPC flooring In San Antonio

4 It Helps In Preventing Deforestation

Over 29 million acres of forests were cut down in the last three years, resulting in deforestation, climate change, and desertification. This presents a pressing need for companies to eliminate deforestation entirely from their supply chains by alternating with imitation wood material. Made from synthetic material, SPC vinyl flooring effectively prevents deforestation by eliminating the use of wood while still maintaining similar aesthetics.


The following are some disadvantages of SPC flooring:

1. Hard To Extract

One of the most common and prominent disadvantages of SPC vinyl flooring is it’s notoriously hard to remove once installed.

2. May Collect Moisture

Due to the high levels of dampness trapped within the floor, a lesser quality style of SPC flooring might inflate or fade over time, leading to moisture-related damage. Consult a local SPC tile flooring service provider to determine which option is best for you.

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