Bathrooms are an important part of any home. They're a tranquil haven that should reflect your personality. But before we get into what colors would look best for a bathroom floor, our flooring installers in San Antonio encourage you to ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you want your bathroom to appear smaller or larger than it is? 2. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create in the bathroom? 3. How much time can you spare for cleaning the bathroom? Once you have the answers to these, let's answer the million-dollar question—what are the best colors for bathroom floors? According to research on color psychology, different colors can have distinct emotional connotations. Using this to your advantage, you can create the vibe you want in your bathroom. First, let's discuss a few colors:


White, a color associated with purity and cleanliness, is a contemporary color choice for bathroom floors. This neutral color, whether it's vinyl, laminate, or stone flooring, can be complemented with pastel shades or delicate accent colors on the walls, shelving, or an area behind the bathtub or shower. This will make it look less visually monotonous and more aesthetically beautiful.


The color black has a luxurious feel to it. However, using it for the entire bathroom is not recommended because it may make the space appear small and dark. Instead, black can be paired with white. This is the ultimate contrast, a classic and timeless combination that you can never go wrong with. Black flooring paired with white tiles gives an elegant and refined appearance.


Blue is a color associated with serenity and peacefulness. Blue flooring is also one of the most popular and versatile choices when it comes to decorating bathroom floors. Blue flooring is a perfect choice if you want your bathroom to give off a calming and relaxed vibe.


Brown is the unsung hero in the world of interior design. It comes with a broad color palette, and each shade gives a different feel. Brown is a sophisticated color that can be used to provide a natural and earthly yet modern feel. For example, brown bathroom flooring is ideal for hiding dirt and other stains and providing a stylish appearance.   A bathroom with brown hardwood flooring If you don't want to settle for a solid color for your bathroom floors, you can choose floors with contrasting colors, patterned tiles, accent tiles, and so much more. But as experienced flooring installers in San Antonio, we believe the best color for bathroom floors is the one that complements your aesthetic taste and best meets your requirements. At New Day Floors LLC, our experts have been serving in the renovation, carpeting, and flooring industry for many years and are proud of the reputation we have gained. In addition to bathroom remodeling, we also offer carpeting and flooring services in San Antonio. In case you have any questions, or queries, feel free to get in touch with us.