If you've ever had new hardwood floors installed or existing ones repaired, you're familiar with the mess they leave behind. Wood dust quickly travels from room to room, even when using protective sheets. Furthermore, the entire refinishing and sanding process produces dust particles that irritate your lungs and may even damage your things. We understand that removing tile, carpet, hardwood flooring, or other types of flooring can be messy. However, installing new flooring or refinishing old flooring can create twice the mess, which can continue for days or even weeks. New Day Floors LLC offers dustless services to solve this problem if you live in San Antonio. Not only does it make the process less untidy, but it also offers numerous other advantages. For example, dustless floor refinishing offers a higher appearance because removing loose particles guarantees that no dust remains on the floor's finish. New Day Floors LLC is the finest option if you want to restore your hardwood flooring without worrying about cleaning up any messes. Here are some more benefits of dustless services:

Eliminates Health Risks

Dustless floor refinishing and sanding eliminates the health risksassociated with dust and sand, which are outcomes of most flooring services, particularly hardwood flooring. Furthermore, dustless services are an excellent choice for those with asthma or dust allergies because it minimizes the likelihood of these conditions being triggered.

Minimizes Hardwood Finish Issues

Dustless refinishing and sanding minimize hardwood finish issues caused by insufficient dust removal, including:
  • Peeling This is when you can lift parts of the floor's finish. Even if you try to apply a new finish to the surface, it will not stick since the surface is coated with dust particles.
  • An uneven shine When finishing is mixed with dust particles, it produces an uneven shine on the floor's surface.
  • Lap lines This is usually caused by pulling a wet finish over a somewhat dried finish.
  • Blisters This is the formation of little bubbles on the finish.

Makes The Process Safer, Cleaner, And Faster

Choosing dustless services makes the entire installation, refinishing, or sanding process safer, cleaner, and faster because no additional cleanup is required.

You Don't Have To Worry About Leaving Your House

When getting flooring services, you're usually forced to close off rooms or leave the house because the process becomes too much to bear. You won't have to worry about this if you choose dustless services. Discolored hardwood flooring that needs refinishing

Floor Installation in San Antonio

Hardwood flooring can last for decades, but New Day Floors LLC can bring them back to their former glory if they start to wear out. Customer satisfaction and customer safety are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to offering the most convenient hardwood floor restoration services, as well as a variety of other flooring services. Contact us for a free hardwood flooring estimate today!