Luxury vinyl planks are compressed vinyl layers with a high-resolution image that mimics the look of natural materials such as hardwood, tiles, stone, and more. The plank consists of several layers, including a vinyl core that makes it flexible and durable. LVPs are relatively less expensive than the materials they mimic. They’re durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. LVPs are easy to maintain and don’t require adhesives to install. Although luxury vinyl flooring is easy to install, one should rely on experts to handle the task professionally and safely. Here’s a complete guide on why luxury vinyl flooring is best for residential and commercial properties and why you should consider hiring professional floor contractors.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • Waterproof- The most common waterproof flooring material is the vinyl plank floor. Luxury vinyl planks consist of a rigid waterproof core made from moisture-resistant materials that protect your flooring from water damage.
  • Resilient –luxury vinyl flooring can endure rough wear and tear and heavy traffic. It comprises a protective layer that prevents scratching, cracking, chipping, or scuffing. It’s low-maintenance and durability ensure greater resilience.
  • Easy to clean – luxury vinyl flooring offers homeowners great convenience. Its waterproof quality allows you to mop or brush away spills or dirt. This flooring type doesn’t require any special treatment.
  • Affordability-despite being called ‘luxury,’ vinyl flooring is affordable. It has a long-lasting lifespan and costs less than hardwood flooring.

Drawbacks of DIY Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners and business owners. Spaces susceptible to spills, heavy traffic, pets, heavy furniture, etc., make luxury vinyl flooring a suitable option. However, one drawback of using LVPs is that they require a smooth, even subfloor, free from dents. Its flexibility can cause the planks to reflect any imperfections underneath. Therefore, relying on a professional floor installer will keep you from making mistakes. They’ll guide you about using an underlayment to avoid ruining your LVPs. Here are some drawbacks of a DIY flooring project:

1. Flooring Type Matters

Not all flooring types require the same installation. Some involve the use of adhesives, while others allow you to click the planks together. Some flooring types require more precise measurements, cutting, installation, and finishing. If you’ve completed a DIY flooring project before, that doesn’t mean installing luxury vinyl flooring would demand the same workload from you. The task can be more overwhelming and daunting than you can imagine! Luxury vinyl planks in a bedroom

2. Time-Consuming

The task might take you longer than usual if you don’t have any previous experience installing luxury vinyl flooring. The most common drawback of DIY luxury vinyl flooring is that it’s time-consuming—especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

3. Managing Materials

Besides the time factor, you will have to keep track of all the materials and equipment required for the flooring installation. Graph papers, measuring tape, a saw, utility blades, glue, nails, and other tools can exceed your budget and make your personal space uncomfortable and cluttered.

4. Risks of Messing Up

Any DIY project requires extensive research and study. Before starting a flooring installation task, ensure to do your research. However, if you mess up any step, you will have to start the installation from the beginning. Unfortunately, a bad mess-up can cost you twice as much as hiring an expert floor installer. Therefore, you should leave the project to experienced contractors who’ll minimize your chances of losing your investment! Luxury vinyl flooring in a living room

5. Nothing Is Insured

A DIY flooring project means the pressure is all on you! Without insurance, you’ll only end up managing costly repairs. In this context, a professional flooring company will have the proper insurance to cover any errors made during the project.

6. Cost

You might want to carry out a DIY flooring project to save labor costs. However, as mentioned earlier, you are likely to make mistakes with no prior experience. This could lead to additional repair costs later on. For example, the slightest calculation error on how many planks you need or cutting the planks incorrectly can have you buying a whole new box of luxury vinyl planks.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Floor Installers

Installing a floor requires time, skills, expertise, and certain tools and equipment. A floor installation project can be tiring, particularly if you haven’t done it before. Therefore, you should avoid a DIY project to limit the challenges you might face while installing luxury vinyl flooring. It’s essential to use the right strategies for floor installations to improve your home’s value and overall appeal. Any installation mistakes and your floor will be vulnerable to damage in the future. Therefore, avoid wasting your precious time on a DIY flooring project! Here are all the reasons you should consider hiring a professional flooring company:

1. Professional Recommendations

There are several options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right flooring type for your commercial or residential property. You have to consider many aspects according to your needs, such as the planks’ durability, resilience, heavy-traffic endurance, waterproof quality, etc. In this context, a floor installer will guide you with professional recommendations about whether or not luxury vinyl flooring is right for you! They will enlighten you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a flooring type and whether it would meet your expectations. Flooring experts have in-depth knowledge after working for years in the flooring industry. For example, they know about the flooring materials’ quality, availability, cost, and longevity. Their knowledge will ultimately help you choose the right flooring option for your residential or commercial property.  

2. Quicker Installation

As mentioned above, a DIY flooring installation will require more time and energy, whereas hiring professional installers will save you from a lot of struggle. Flooring experts use various strategies to carry out a project professionally within an allotted time frame. They save you time, allowing you to continue with your everyday activities. A professional flooring expert will offer prompt services without compromising on quality.

3. Flooring Contractors are Trustworthy

Flooring contractors will give you peace of mind with their excellent services. They are certified, trained, and have years of experience in the flooring industry to satisfy your flooring needs.

4. You’ll Remain Stress-Free

A DIY luxury vinyl flooring installation can be quite stressful. From maintaining a budget to managing the equipment and tools, things can get overwhelming easily. In this regard, hiring a professional floor installer would save you a lot of anxiety. You will remain stress-free, knowing your house is in safe hands.

5. Organized Schedule

If you’re a commercial property owner, never consider a DIY flooring installation project. You already have enough on your plate, and managing a floor installation could mess with your busy schedule. In this context, allow professional floor installers to handle the job for you! Today, most flooring companies offer flexible timings to commercial property owners. Therefore, contacting flooring experts would be an ideal choice!

6. Professional Flooring Experts Limit Risks

Installing a luxury vinyl floor can be quite dangerous if you don’t take preventive measures. Leaving sharp objects and tools lying around in your house will put your children at risk of injuries. Thus, hiring flooring contractors will save you from potential dangers as they use necessary measures while performing a floor installation project. Flooring companies ensure their staff is trained to enhance safety around your property!

7. Flooring Experts Have the Best Tools and Equipment

Advanced equipment and tools are essential for any floor installation if you wish to get exceptional results. Instead of buying expensive tools for a DIY flooring installation project, consider hiring expert floor installers to cut down expenses. Flooring experts already have all the tools and equipment required to accomplish the task. Their high-tech tools will save you money and improve service quality greatly! Vinyl flooring in a bedroom  

How to Choose the Right Flooring Contractors?  

Once you’ve decided to ditch the DIY project and hire professional flooring experts, you’ll have to determine which flooring company to trust! The flooring market consists of several flooring companies, both professional and amateur. Therefore, here are certain things to look for when hiring an authentic flooring company:

1. Flooring Company Size

Some flooring companies only sign-up for small residential projects, whereas others take up large-scale floor installations. If a flooring company serves various areas, it’s probably reliable. You can also consider the company’s size to deem it professional.

2. Insured and Licensed

Before signing up with a flooring company, ensure it’s insured and licensed. The insurance will protect you when things go awry during a floor installation project. It will also increase your confidence that the company is qualified and reliable.

3. Look Up Their Reviews

One excellent way to check if a flooring company is trustworthy is by looking up their Google reviews. Satisfied customers are bound to leave positive feedback online so that others could benefit from their services as well. If a company has more positive reviews online, know that it’s reputable and reliable! You may also want to check how long a flooring company has been in business to evaluate its expertise and experience.

4. Professionalism

The moment you contact a flooring company, they should be able to help and guide you throughout the process. Professional flooring companies will help you navigate your way throughout the floor installation project, providing you with in-depth information about warranties, costs, and timelines.

5. Flooring Types

Some flooring companies specialize in tile or carpet, whereas some have experience in hardwood flooring alone. Nevertheless, an authentic flooring company will offer various options for commercial and residential properties. Their vast range of services proves their professionalism and experience in the flooring industry. They should also guide you on the right flooring type to meet your needs. Therefore, consider the services offered by a flooring company before hiring them! A dog sitting on the floor in the living room

6. Pricing

Although price is a major factor when selecting a flooring company for your property, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. Some companies might charge more for a flooring installation project compared to other flooring companies, but they’ll also troubleshoot problems, if any. What might seem expensive to you first will save you more money in the long run! Therefore, a costly flooring installation project is way better than spending on expensive repairs later.

7. Do Your Research

Visit the flooring company’s website that you wish to hire. Review their web page. See if they have a valid physical address and a phone number. You can also read their “About Us” page to gain more insight into their services.

8. Get a Quote

Get a free quote once you’ve determined the flooring company for your property! In addition, check for any hidden charges or cost-related services that you might have to pay for in the future.

Who to Contact?

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