For pet owners, the first priority is to make their pets comfortable. In order to do so, they install pet-friendly floors, so it’s safe and comfy for their pets to walk on. The floor they install should be able to endure sharp claws, hair, muddy paws, and any other stinky accidents. So what kind of flooring should you install? When you’re in search of pet-friendly flooring, you want to keep the following factors in mind:
  • The animals will be in a state of repose.
  • The fabric resists stains.
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • It’s possible to achieve excellent traction.
  • It’s Waterproof
  • Maintains the appearance and feel of your home or structure.


Concrete is known to be harsh. However, that idea has now become outdated. People are now preferring concrete for their homes, especially those with a modern design to it. After concrete is treated well, it becomes stain-proof. This is ideal for pet owners. If you feel like the floor is still harsh, you can spice it up by adding rugs or carpets. Just make sure not to add them in areas where your pet moves a lot.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooring and porcelain tile are both the first choice of pet owners. This material cannot be damaged by sharp claws or muddy paws. It can easily be cleaned, and you can get it in a million colors. The only drawback is that grout lines can be stained. But if you clean it and reseal it regularly, it will remain clean and untainted.

Natural Stone

Slate is one of the examples of natural stone. It almost has the same properties as ceramic tile. Just remember that with natural stone, you will need to apply a chemical sealant to keep things in place. This way, you will prevent any stains from forming.   Dog Sitting on the floor


Luxury vinyl flooring is a durable choice for pet owners. It comes in planks with a click-lock technology. All you need to do is place the flooring and press it until you hear the click. They’re intact and safe for your little fur babies.


Natural cork is a new kind of flooring. But this is also one of the first choices of pet owners. This looks like hardwood; therefore, it’s pleasant to the eyes. And no, there will be no scratch marks or stains. Another good point here is that it prevents mold and bacteria from forming. New Day Floors has been offering its services for quite some time now. Our experience in flooring is vast, and we can work in all kinds of commercial or residential settings. We commit to providing our customers with the utmost service and go the extra mile in serving them. Visit our website to get a quotation to install flooring in San Antonio for your fur babies.