It’s all fun and games until you get your hand stuck to a floor tile during a DIY home renovation project!

A trip to the ER later and with a wallet that’s lighter than it should be; you now think that perhaps you should leave your new flooring installation to the professionals.

Yet, you’re not sold on the idea. God knows how long it’ll take for you to find such a team. It’ll take eons before you get a new floor, right?

Truth be told, it’s not that difficult. If you want an expert team to conduct your flooring project, it takes four steps to ensure that you get a flawless floor.

The Four Phases Of Flooring Installation

A beautiful tiled floor in a residential living room

Consulting With Flooring Experts

You have a budget. You have a gist of the floor plan and what you want your floor to look like. The first task on the list is to start searching online for flooring design specialist in your area. In San Antonio, New Day Floors is the service to go to.

In addition to offering comprehensive floor installation and maintenance services, we also provide an initial consultation. Tell us about the type of flooring you want for your home, the dimensions, the labor costs, the total time, and more—we’ll estimate how much it’ll cost to finish the project smoothly.

Visit Showrooms And Take Estimates

While you can find tiles online, there’s something assuring about seeing it in person and holding the tile in your hands.

Visiting the showrooms will give you a general idea of how the tiles will look in your home. Search for different suppliers and get estimates from each vendor, so you know which one offers the best price.

Although, if you work with us, we’ll handle everything, including providing you with a multitude of flooring options.

On-Site Consultation And Confirmation

Once you’ve finalized your choice for your floors, and have talked to an expert for the installation, then comes the easy part: on-site consultation. This involves the expert coming to your home and taking account of what exactly they’re dealing with.

After an inspection, they’ll give you a final quote, which will most likely be within your budget. Then, you’ll sign on the dotted line.


After that, you can sit back and relax. A professional team will come to your home and start the project. Depending on the room, you’ll need to make things easier for the team by moving your furniture and items out. Once that’s done, you just have to wait for the last tile to be set in.

View of Wooden Floors and Wooden Stairs

Are You Ready?

Now you know how to initiate your floor installation process, get in touch with us. As a professional service in San Antonio, you can bet that we know a thing or two about installing New Braunfels hardwood flooring, tile flooring, and more!