Are you planning to renovate the house? Are you going through the different flooring options and trying to figure out which one works for you?   Perhaps you are just re-doing the kitchen and want to pick the right flooring that will last and look good without costing you a lot?   Or perhaps you have shortlisted between two flooring options, and now you just have to decide on one based on your budget.   If you are trying to choose between laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, here is what you need to know about them. Plus, some more information on their maintenance and the pros and cons of each.  

Love The Hardwood Look 

  Everyone loves hardwood floors. It is not only their color and the finished look but also how they feel. Hardwood flooring looks fantastic and easily transforms the vibe of any room, but it also feels incredible because of the smooth planks. Hardwood feels thicker, heartier, and more luxurious than any other flooring option.   But it is also expensive. Plus, if you have kids and constantly worry about toys being dragged across your expensive floor, it’s better to look for an alternate.   Or perhaps you want hardwood flooring but can’t afford it throughout the house? This is why it’s a great idea to have it in some house areas and opt for other methods in the rest.   We now have more cost-effective solutions that include luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.   And if you live in San Antonio, you can even talk to  New Day Floors, who will be happy to give you a free estimate for the space you plan to redo.   Remember, when it comes to low-cost, easy-care flooring solutions, vinyl and laminate are frequently the first two and, of course, the best choices.   These two options are as beautiful and elegant as hardwood floors, but they are far less expensive, which means it would hurt less when your toddler bangs his toys on them, or your teenager accidentally drops her nail polish bottle.   Your flooring will look fantastic thanks to the high-resolution prints that are perfectly pressed on top, and it will be easy and not so heart-breaking to get those stubborn stains out.   While these two types of flooring share many similarities, there are a few important variances that we will look into so you can decide which one is best for your house and your family.   When picking which one to put in your house, keep these factors in mind. If you’re unsure whether to go with vinyl or laminate, you can read the pros and cons of each or ask the experts for any concerns you may have about the two materials and their installation.  

Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

  According to Forbes, luxury vinyl flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring solutions on the market. And with good reason too!   Today’s updated luxury vinyl tile flooring is made using new technology to exactly resemble genuine stone, while the latest luxury vinyl plank flooring matches the grain of classic wood flooring.   Luxury vinyl flooring, besides having a remarkable aesthetic likeness to natural flooring varieties, is far easier to maintain. It is also warmer and softer to walk on, making it great for bedroom and living spaces. It is also impact and stain-resistant, making it ideal for spaces with children and teenagers who have a habit of spilling contents.   Thus, all these characteristics make it an ideal and, therefore, one of the most cost-effective flooring alternatives available.   And with so many options, perhaps what most homeowners struggle with is the fact that it is very difficult to choose one design. Some even say that the most challenging aspect of decorating is deciding and picking a favorite from the several design choices offered.  

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

  So what exactly is luxury vinyl flooring? Well, luxury Vinyl flooring is constructed entirely of plastic. Yes, it is not wood, although it looks just like it!   The best part is that the fact that it is plastic provides it with great moisture resistance. One of the best advantages of vinyl that makes it great for all kinds of places, especially the kitchen, is that water will not destroy vinyl floors if it rests on them for a lengthy amount of time.   So if one of you or a child accidentally floods the place, you don’t have to worry about the flooring. This also makes it an ideal choice for areas that see a lot of rain and flooding.   Vinyl’s water resilience also makes it a good alternative for moisture-prone areas. So if you want to install it in your bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry area, it is the right choice.   Many designers also recommend using this in basements due to the moisture and humidity. Vinyl is also not readily ripped or torn, so if you plan on dragging furniture or boxes in the basement, it will not be damaged.   Plus, you will not have to worry about the weight on the flooring either and can easily store heavier items in your basement.   Thanks to these advantages and its low cost and high durability, many homeowners find this to be a winning mix for their house.  

Pros Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

  Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect if you are on a budget but want to get the classy look and feel. It is also a great option if you have children or if the area in question has a lot of furniture movements, like the dining area or the kitchen.   You will not have to worry about sliding or spilling food and liquids or dragging chairs and stools.   Vinyl also has a longer lifespan and is more durable overall than laminate. We are discussing laminate next.

Cons Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    Compared to laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring might be more expensive, particularly if you choose premium.   It is important to also note that vinyl flooring can last twice as long as laminate which makes it ideal for places that you plan to use more often.   Again, as we said, the choice between the two can only be made once you know your budget and your use.   stools placed on wood flooring

Easy Upkeep Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  To maintain and keep luxury vinyl flooring clean and shiny, all you need is a vacuum cleaner, broom, and a moist mop.   When it comes to spills, you can just wipe up everything your child spills in seconds.   Worried about paints? No problem. So let your children play with playdoh, paint, and even glitter without worrying about your floors.  

Installation Of Vinyl Flooring 

  Another advantage of vinyl flooring is that it can be installed anywhere because it is entirely synthetic.   Yep, Just about anywhere.   On the other hand, due to limited moisture resistance, laminate flooring can only be installed in areas with less moisture.   But that doesn’t mean laminate flooring is not a great choice. There are certain pros to installing laminate flooring over luxury vinyl flooring. Now let us take a look at laminate flooring  

Laminate Flooring

  Laminate flooring may be created to seem like an actual wood floor or flooring that mimics stone or marble.   To the untrained eye, it is very hard to tell. This is because laminate flooring comprises numerous layers of durable and carefully processed materials that are glued together to replicate the rich grain of original hardwood.   The laminate flooring market seems to be growing due to its advantages and the amazing advancements in how authentic it looks.   Considering how it is cheaper than luxury vinyl, many homeowners prefer this.   Furthermore, because it comprises reclaimed trees and refined industrial wood waste, laying a laminate floor is the most environmentally responsible and sustainable flooring alternative.   It is a hit with real wood fans because the laminate wood floors combine the amazing look of genuine wood with enhanced strength.   background-with-brown-natural-wooden-desk  

What Is Laminate Flooring?

  So, if luxury vinyl was made of plastic, what is laminate flooring made of? This is one of the key differences between the two.   Laminate flooring is a high-quality engineered wood product composed of many layers of highly processed wood with a high gloss durable surface that provides long-lasting performance. Consumers can pick and opt from a range of different types, designs, and even colors of planks or tiles.   This helps many homeowners and designers on a budget create spaces that richly reproduce the appearance and finishes of any genuine hardwood or stone finish.   living room with laminate flooring  

Factors To Consider When Opting For Laminate Flooring

  Here are some factors that one needs to consider when choosing laminate flooring.   Laminate is an artificial substance that has the appearance of natural hardwood. It may have a realistic wood floor appearance, making it popular among homeowners who want the look of hardwood but wish to spend less money on flooring. Although it is a low-cost flooring option, laminate does not perform well in terms of moisture resistance.   So laminate flooring is a big no for places with moisture or water like the kitchen and laundry room. Laminate flooring may also be a bad idea for hallways if your kids have a habit of dragging in their wet boots.   However, while some laminate flooring alternatives do offer water-resistant features, they are not completely waterproof. We highly recommend considering luxury vinyl flooring instead because even the waterproof ones may get severely damaged if water rests on them for a lengthy period.  

Pros of Laminate Flooring:  Easy Maintenance

    Unlike conventional hardwood floors, which need more time to maintain, quality laminate flooring is stain and impact-resistant. Like luxury vinyl flooring, this too is easy to maintain.   It can simply be cleaned with frequent vacuuming, sweeping, and a light damp mopping to remove dirt and grime. Feel free to use some DIY approaches from the architectural digest that recommends getting the tough stains out.    

Premium Laminate Flooring

  If installing this in the kitchen, some installation companies like New Day Floors manufacture premium laminate flooring. This premium laminate comes with an ultra-durable finish that stands up well in high-traffic areas at home and even business sites.   So yes, put up in your hallways and make your office- and home look like a million bucks!    

Cons Of Laminate Flooring

  Unfortunately, laminate flooring does not outlast vinyl flooring, which is fair because laminate is cheaper but still gives you great quality and class. However, we mean almost a decade when we say it needs to be changed.   Laminate flooring, in many circumstances, need to be changed within 10 years after installation.   If you’re on a budget, laminate flooring allows you to give your floors a new look while spending less. Also, if you get bored easily and like to keep changing the look of your house, laminate is a wiser investment.   Laminate has a thicker structure that contains wood components, making it feel warmer and slightly softer. But vinyl, on the other hand, is fairly harsh and chilly to the touch, making it an unsuitable choice for primary living spaces and bedrooms.   If you intend to stay in your house for an extended period, opt for vinyl flooring instead.

Choosing The Right Company For The Installation

  Despite their variances, laminate and vinyl are both great options.   But whichever you choose, picking the right company for installation is critical because, in the end, it is all about the installation.   Both laminate and vinyl come in planks that snap together as a hovering floor or practically any form of the subfloor.   Still not sure? Why not consult with New Day Floors LLC. The experts in their team can help you out if you need advice on flooring and picking the right one. Their services include vinyl flooringlaminated flooring, porcelain tile flooring, and WPC flooring. Visit their website and call for a free quote today.