Today’s fast-paced world demands you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Luxury vinyl flooring has become the new normal for people who like to make their homes look chic. So, what is it that makes vinyl flooring such a popular choice for flooring? Let’s find out!  

How Quickly Is the Vinyl Flooring Market Growing

The Global Vinyl Flooring Market is projected to cross the $48,470m mark by 2023, which speaks volumes about vinyl flooring’s growing popularity. Increased residential construction is also a major reason behind the rise of vinyl flooring. The COVID-19 pandemic became a major constraint for all kinds of businesses around the world—including the construction business. However, it’s now gaining traction. Single-family housing increased by 11% in 2020, while the growth during 2021 is expected to be an additional 7%.

What Makes Vinyl a Good Flooring Option?

Great Alternative to Wooden Flooring

Vinyl flooring can mimic the visuals of wooden flooring, making it an excellent alternative for one of the most popular options. The biggest reason behind its appeal is that it covers the areas where wooden flooring falls weak: It can withstand being in water-prone areas. Furthermore, it's a cheaper alternative to other options as well.


Vinyl floorings are overall just an easy option to go with. You can easily install it yourself, and if some parts of the flooring get damaged, having some extra planks can come in handy. Vinyl also fares well when it comes to moisture. Mold is known to grow where there’s moisture, and it should be dealt with right away if you identify them. Diagonal flooring panels in a bedroom  


Luxury vinyl is also easier to maintain. The additional layers installed on it act as barriers against externalities and help you make it less stressful to clean and maintain this kind of flooring. On the other hand, hardwood flooring will require regular refinishing and polishing to maintain its pristine condition.


Vinyl also has properties that make it an excellent insulator. Winters in San Antonio can sometimes get chilly. You will need to make sure you are prepared for this kind of weather.

Choosing the Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Service in San Antonio

Luxury vinyl flooring is a very lavish yet affordable option you can go with. We at New Day Floors LLC are floor design experts and always work the way you want. If you wish to replicate the vibes of wooden flooring or mirror the luxury of ceramic tiles, our luxury vinyl floor installation has got you covered! Get in touch with us right away.