Are you wondering how to keep your laminate floor in tip-top shape for the years to come? Well, you have come to the right place. Although laminate floors are as good as any other type of flooring, this doesn’t mean they can be cleaned the same way. Laminate floors need extra special care because if the surface is damaged, they can’t be refurbished like hardwood floors. This will also save you from expensive replacements in the future. This blog will take you through some laminate floor care dos and don’ts.

Do Follow Instructions

Before you embark on your cleaning journey, consult a professional. They know the right way to clean laminate floors, prolonging their service life. Most manufacturers offer detailed guidance on properly caring for and maintaining your laminate floors.

Don’t Leave Spills

Leaving spills for too long may result in staining. This is why it’s best to handle spills as they happen. Wipe any spill immediately with a clean cloth. Any kind of liquid can damage the laminate floors if left sitting for too long. A football on a laminate floor

Do Work With a DIY Floor Cleaner

Instead of using abrasive floor cleaners, make your floor cleaner. For daily cleaning, mix a teaspoon of simple dish soap with some hot water. For more rigid buildups, you can combine hot water with white vinegar.

Don’t Use a Lot of Water

Using a lot of water on any floor, especially laminate floors, can lead to damage (swelling or bubbling) and mold growth. They may also result in fading and staining.

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