Is It Better to Install Hardwood Flooring Before Or After Kitchen Cabinets? Hardwood flooring is a favorite when it comes to interior design. Like most timeless trends, it's also quite pricey and high maintenance. So if you've decided to splurge on a hardwood floor, then New Day Floors in San Antonio can help you ensure you don't put a dent in it before the renovation is even over. If it's your first time having hardwood in your home, you should ensure your upkeep plan is specialized for your floors. If you'd like to know some of the more basic rules every wood floor owner should abide by, check out this blog post. If you're comfortable with your flooring choice and you're prepared to keep it looking good as new, think carefully about when in your renovation you'd be installing it. As with all choices of renovation and design, every home and every material is different, but there are some things that you should remember as you choose.

The Floor Plan

If you're paying for wood planks, you don't want to pay more than you have to. Your flooring company will likely create a plan of your kitchen floor that needs resurfacing and purchase the exact amount of wood needed to create that shape. If this is done before the cabinets are installed, they may have a shortage or excess of wood. Depending on which, it may even extend the timeline of your project.

It'll Cut the Costs of Finishing

As your cabinets are installed, some of your new floor installations might be covered. That is if you install your floors first. No matter what kind of flooring you're putting in, why would you want to spend money on getting the perfect finish if it's only to be covered by a cabinet?

Your Appliances

This is something that you should ideally have your flooring installer walk you through. If certain appliances have moving parts that the installation of new flooring may obstruct, then both installations should happen simultaneously. An example would be that an oven door with hinges at the bottom might not be able to open properly if the height of the wood planks is level with the hinge. Good flooring services will be sure to look out for this.   Converse Hardwood Flooring in a kitchen Getting recommendations from a flooring design specialist in San Antonio is the only way to keep your floors from becoming an unplanned nuisance. While we may not be able to make hardwood floors low maintenance, we can help you go into the decision with all the facts handy. We have experience installing and maintaining ceramic tiles flooring,  rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, and residential carpeting. That's not all. You can also call us at (210) 549-3439 for bathroom renovations! Get in touch with New Day Floors LLC today to give your floor the perfect finish.