When going for home improvement, especially when weighing your options for new flooring, it’s important to carefully analyze the contractor and beware of any possible scams. Many homeowners have to deal with the unfortunate incidents of scams because of poor knowledge about the contractor and the flooring process. It’s for this reason that finding the right floor Installers in San Antonio is the first step before you start your renovation process. Unprofessional contractors will go to lengths in trying to convince you how committed they’re to their job. However, once you hire them, there’s every possibility that they leave your home worse off than when  they started the work.

What are the Common Flooring Scams to Avoid?

Your time and money are important. Here, we’ve listed common scams you need to avoid for your successful home renovation this festive season.

1. Disappeared Deposits

When hiring contractors for new flooring, be wary of contractors asking for deposits or ‘upfront’ fees without a contract to start the work. More often than not, they’re fake contractors and trying to rob you of your cash without providing the services. Before you hand over your cash, be sure to have a signed contract for the project before you move forward. What you want to have is a paper trail of the agreement you’ve had with the flooring contractor.  With this peace of mind, you can go ahead with the flooring process.

2. Low Bidding

Flooring scammers deploy different ways to deceive people. One common practice is to bid low to win the flooring contracts. Once the agreement is signed and the work starts, they come up with different reasons to increase the price like the cost of materials, labor, orders-changes, and other excuses to significantly increase the price. In most cases, the overall costs go even higher than what you’d pay to a well-established flooring company. Don’t be tempted to sign a contract with the lowest bidder for your floor renovations, as it’s not always the best way to save your costs. Additionally, before signing the contract, get the project details and costs of each material and labor on the paper, analyze the pricing according to the market value and then make an informed decision.

3. Avoiding Taxes

To avoid the taxes, permits, and the subsequent costs and time, many contractors would offer you a deal to get the project done ‘under the radar. Since no documentation is involved, there’s no need to submit permits, and the deal can cost you lesser than regular flooring options.   However, most of the time, such contractors don’t have any experience and reputation, and it’s just an exercise to mint money out of you. Don’t be swayed by such deals and connect with only well-established flooring companies in San Antonio, such as New Day Floors. We’re renowned flooring design specialists in San Antonio who’ll cater to all your flooring needs. Get in touch with us today for more information.