Well-maintained floors not only help increase your home’s value but also add warmth and dimension to your space. Who doesn’t want their flooring to look timeless and last long? After all, getting your floors replaced or repaired very often isn’t economically viable. Practicing diligence and discerning maintenance strategies can prevent your floors from getting damaged, making them last longer. Here are a few tips to keep your floors shining even years after installation.

Develop a Regular Cleaning Regimen

  Investing in a vacuum cleaner is the first step to ensuring you clean your floors regularly. It will effectively sweep up the dirt and debris, reaching even in the tiniest corners of your room and under the furniture. Clean your floor with a damp mop at least once a week. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any spills immediately. Leaving the liquid on the floor for too long can damage your floors. If it’s sticky, it may dry up and that gets even more difficult to remove.

Make Rugs and Mats Your Best Friends

a man standing near a doormat with welcome written on it Mats and rugs are essential in areas where food or water is likely to be spilled or if the space is used frequently. You can put welcome mats outside your doorway to encourage people to wipe their shoes before entering. Rolling out mats by the sink or near kitchen counters can be helpful during food preparation. Don’t forget to clean under all rugs and mats from time to time to ensure there’s no debris buildup or dust accumulation underneath.

Give Your Furniture a Soft Touch

a white wooden chair beside a plant   The worst you could do for your floors is scrape your furniture against them. The constant scraping of chairs damages the finish of your floors, and you can’t remind everyone to lift their chairs and not drag them every time. Therefore, the best thing to do is to invest in gliders and adhesive furniture pads. Place them on the legs of your table, chair, or any furniture piece that is most likely to be moved frequently. Go for snap-on felt caps for heavy furniture that will not only protect your floors but also make it easier to move couches when cleaning. If your home flooring looks dull and worn out, New Day Floors can help bring the shine and life back to your boring flooring. From tile flooring to vinyl flooring, we have it all for you. We also offer bathroom remodeling services in San Antonio. Contact us to get the floor décor you’ve always dreamed of!