The seller’s market of San Antonio and its rising house price per square foot has made purchasing a new, bigger home a dream for many. A more realistic option is to use what you have and make it look bigger. You can opt for an open floor plan to expand your available space. However, it’s not an option that suits everyone. If you’re contemplating discarding your valuable belongings because you don’t like the cramped feeling of your apartment, wait a minute. Let’s shift your perspective to something other than your belongings that may be crowding your room.

Color Theory & Light Flooring

A darker room will appear to be smaller than it is. All things that contribute to the dark aura inside your space are the real culprits here. It can be your flooring, the walls, or your furniture. These are all factors that can affect your perception of space. A light-colored room feels more breezy and open. You might be wondering what alterations you need to start making to transform the color your room exudes. The answer is the color theory. This well-defined principle integrates and tests different colors to find the best visual fit for a user. The color theory proposes that the visibility ratio inside a room is 60:30:10. This ratio holds for walls, upholstery, and accessories, respectively. Walls form a major chunk of the visible area in your room. Darker walls will overwhelm you and make a room feel small. Thus, the first step for you will be to change that wall color and replace it with a less intense shade that is more soothing. Light-colored flooring will help as well. Darker floorings are usually used in bigger places to create a warm and cozy ambiance. If you are looking for a floor installation in your small apartment in San Antonio, you might want to consider light-colored flooring to go with the sunny and humid weather.

Vertical shift & dark flooring

As much as a light floor can improve how you perceive space, you’ll be surprised to know that a dark floor can do the same! This can be called a vertical plan of interior designers. It is a theory that explains that shifting color tones from darker to lighter as you move up a room can make a space feel roomier. This would mean a dark floor, light-colored furniture, and lighter walls can significantly affect your perception of the aspect ratio of your room. Even if you have a dark floor, work on getting minimalistic, light-shaded furniture for storage and paint your walls a lighter color. A room with dark flooring and light walls While we cannot increase the physical space of your room, we can guide you about flooring installation that can help. We provide a range of quality flooring services and bathroom renovation services in San Antonio. You can choose from the trending hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, or laminate flooring to get one that suits you best. Contact us for any further queries.