Does an unsymmetrical wall annoy you because every guest always notices it? Or are you simply trying to create an enlarged illusion of your present room because it feels too stuffy for your taste? Diagonal flooring might be your solution to any of these concerns. What is this magic flooring concept? When will you need it? This article covers it all!

Enlarged Illusion

As its name implies, diagonal flooring is done diagonally to the room's walls. It is a unique flooring style that can deliver flair, look chic, and change the viewpoint of your room. A striking feature of diagonal flooring is that it's striking. It immediately gives a new look to your place and can be done with laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring style affects viewer perception because a viewer's eye is led across the room. This makes any available place appear spacious and roomy. An improvement to this is the use of variegated flooring. This is a type of laminate flooring with varying shades, which helps enhance the visual aspect of a room.

Diverting Viewer's Focus

A diagonal flooring is also helpful in diverting a viewer's attention toward an object. If you wish to make a decor item placed at the wall edge, the centerpiece of the room, your flooring can guide any viewer's eye. This flooring idea helps shift focus from walls or other parts of a room to the edges. The same method can be used for another purpose. It can take the focus away from any disproportionality in the room which might be drawing attention. Apart from aesthetic factors, diagonal flooring can reinforce the structural strength of your room. Such flooring is bound to cross the joists in the structure, thereby improving stability. If you do not know which way your joists run, this will eliminate the risks of your flooring running parallel to the joists.

Cost Analysis

Diagonal flooring has certain disadvantages. It causes material wastage as the portion of the tiles meeting the walls has to be chopped off. This remaining part is wasted as it is dimensionally too less to be reused anywhere. However, grinding this portion off many tiles collectively increases the wastage. This flooring might cost more than the standard flooring. Considering its unique appearance, however, one can easily identify that it is more cost-effective as it is cheaper than other flooring styles like herringbone. Black and white chequered tiles running diagonally on a floor Some reports suggest that diagonal flooring can use the same amount of material as a parallel floor if done correctly. To ensure your diagonal floor looks incredible and costs economical, consult flooring installers who have been in this field for years. If you're in San Antonio, you can reach out to us. We know all trendy floorings in Texas and can provide you with hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, or many others. You can contact us for a quick discussion on your needs, and we'll make sure to meet them.