The holiday spirit is all set to fill up the air of San Antonio! There’s probably a lot to do—guests to invite and a magnificent meal to prepare. While you get to it, we’ll help you make a statement of your own with the interior décor. Here are some tips:

Get the props

Christmas is right around the corner. This means now’s the time to take out your pine tree, stockings, wreaths, the red-nosed reindeer, and mini Santas. Don’t constrict yourself to the reds and greens. You can always get creative with the décor. To make the overall atmosphere look festive, you can pull out a garland of your choice and wrap it around the staircase. Add some lights and ornaments to oomph it up. A few berries wreathe along the railing will look stellar!

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Residential carpeting makes your home appear more welcoming, warm and inviting—just what you want for your Christmas dinner. Other than superior comfort, they also offer the right amount of acoustic and thermal benefits. If you’re expecting your grandchildren to be over for the holidays, residential carpeting works in your favor. They offer greater ground safety and unmatched plushness than hardwood—you no longer have to worry about the kids hurting them while they’re chasing the Santa. Luckily, wall-to-wall carpets are also available in a wide range of color schemes, designs, and patterns. You can play around with the colors of your choice to express your personality and style! Christmas decorations outside a house in San Antonio

Get creative with the flooring designs.

Floor designs are highly customizable! The right kind of floor design always strikes the perfect balance between practicality, functionality, and aesthetics. This is exactly what you’re going for as you spruce up the home for the Christmas dinner. The ideal floor design depends on multiple factors, including foot traffic, your lifestyle, and whether you have any pets in the house.   If you want an overall look similar to that of natural stone or the classic grain, go for luxury vinyl flooring. If you’re looking for a tough resin coating, laminate flooring will work well. It’s also resistant to high heels (don’t worry about your Christmas guests staining the floor). If you want something like red oak, walnut, mahogany, maple, or birch—invest in some hardwood flooring options. You can always get the installation customized according to the wood type, size, and grade. A good company will breathe life into your hardwood flooring by incorporating rich colors and durable finishes.   New Day Floors LLC is your number one choice for all things flooring in San Antonio! Get in touch, and we will spruce up your home for the Christmas dinner.