A new floor is one of the most exciting things you can add to your home. It can make the whole residence look brand new and up the property's value. So it's essentially upsides all around. Except, of course, for the fact that it's not always the most affordable. Any home renovation service can be pricey, but when it comes to flooring installation, the first step is often to remove the existing floor. This extends the timeline, increases costs, and deters homeowners from treating their homes to a shiny new floor. However, as aforementioned, there are many pros to hiring a flooring installer. If you'd like to learn about which floors work better to attract a higher offer, check out this blog post. At New Day Floors LLC, our flooring design specialists in San Antonio work with every client on a person-to-person basis to create super-specialized action plans to best serve your needs. Be it budgets or time restrictions, we incorporate your requirements into our recommendations and ensure your decisions are fully informed. That's why we want you to know that even if you have tile flooring, you might be able to lay new flooring over it! However, don't do so without asking the following questions: Do I Have The Vertical Space? Many people don't realize that a second floor layer will increase its height. This might lead to trouble opening doors, which will require much larger renovations. This might be remedied with a specific floor recommendation by your floor installer. Is My Tile In Good Enough Condition? If your tiles are damaged or broken, you shouldn't be adding additional layers to them. This is the flooring equivalent of sweeping something under the rug, as new flooring won't stop the cracks from spreading. As the damage continues to increase out of sight, it will compromise the structural integrity of your visible floors. Is My Choice Of New Floor Suitable? This will depend in part on your choice of tile. However, only a professional flooring company could create a customized list of flooring options that would work for your home. This would take into account factors that a layperson may not recognize the importance of. A hardwood floor in a home Getting recommendations from a flooring design specialist in San Antonio is the best way to ensure your floors last a long time without unplanned maintenance or repairs. When it comes to floors, we do it all: ceramic tiles flooring, rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, and residential carpeting. Not to mention, bathroom renovations as well! Get in touch with New Day Floors LLC today to give your home what it deserves.