According to a survey, roughly 85 million families in the US own a pet. Most of these are indoor animals like dogs, cats, and even some reptiles. As much as we love our furry friends, we need to pet-proof our homes for their safety and our peace of mind. You can’t always expect them to be on their best behavior. Pets with claws can tear up our sofas and drapes. They can also scratch wood floorings and other floorings. Over 20% of pet owners declaw their pets for the sake of protecting their items. We suggest getting flooring that will resist scratches and stains caused by your pets. Here are some pet-friendly flooring options for you.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl or even regular vinyl flooring is a sought-after flooring option in the market. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing with their appearance perfectly mimicking natural stone and wood, but vinyl floorings are entirely waterproof. These water-resistant floors don’t stain easily! Moreover, the soft material also cushions the sounds of your pet walking and doesn’t lead to any scratches or dents on the floor.

Laminate Flooring

Although your cats and dogs won’t be able to scratch this up, getting an embossed laminate flooring will cover up any scratches by larger dogs. However, you must clean up any liquid spillage immediately; otherwise, seepage will bend the planks under the floor. Like stone floors, laminate floors are hard, so place a carpet for your pet to lie down on. Corner of a room with tile flooring  

Tile Flooring

Tiles are sturdy and easy to clean. Their waterproof nature ensures that they don’t absorb moisture or incur any stains. You can easily clean up the floor for any young pet that isn’t used to the litter box or those who like to cause trouble around the kitchen. Contact our floor installers in San Antonio for affordable tile flooring options.

Stone Flooring

It’s impossible to scratch stone floors. You won’t need to worry about any damage to the floor; however, keep a cot or rugs around for your pet to lay down. They’re also easy to clean so forget about any stains due to lack of use of the litter box. Fix up your floors with New Day Floors LLC in San Antonio. As a professional flooring service, we have a wide selection of flooring options for your home. Hire our exceptional bathroom renovation and floor installation services in San Antonio. More questions about how our service will transform your home? Contact us to get free estimates for your home renovation. Check out our website for more information.