There's no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the right type for all rooms in the house when it comes to flooring. You can groom and decorate your house with a range of flooring options, given that you stay consistent with the interior theme. You can create distinctions between rooms with hardwood paneling by choosing different shades or types of wood. It can give each room a different mood and make that space uniquely charming. Just as bedrooms should be conducive to comfortable cuddling, living rooms should be lively and cheerful. You can create that environment with the right wood tint to infuse warmth and homeliness. Don’t underestimate the impact interiors can have on your mood. Let’s check out ways to make every room in the house be a haven for each of your moods.  


Most people like to give their bedroom a touch of warmth with the most popular flooring choice: hardwood. A dark walnut hardwood or cherry wood can give your floors a richer pigment that makes the atmosphere cozy and homely. Hardwood, in any shade or type, blends perfectly with furniture of your choice, so all you have to worry about is picking the right shade. You can pair dark wood furniture with wood floors to create a seamless look that contrasts with a bright off-white wall. Or you could opt for a bolder theme with a colored wall that gives your bedroom a more youthful, chic look. Don’t forget to spruce up with curtains or blinds, a vase in a corner, and beautiful hardbacks on your bookshelf to perfect your bedroom's mood.


For some people, cooking is sacred. The act of preparing life-giving meals and infusing them with flavors that make someone feel special is divine. And to preserve the godliness of their cooking space, they need everything to match their taste. You can have various priorities regarding kitchen flooring: cleanliness, light or dark shades of wood, and water-resistance are, to name a few. Naturally, expecting some form of protection from moisture is a standard need for every household because food spills happen every day in the kitchen. But beyond that, it's all about how you want to design your kitchen! But if you’re particular about the aesthetics, hard maple and birch won’t fail to disappoint. You can also wander in lighter color varieties of wood if they serve your purpose better. Light oak is a popular choice among homeowners who like to invite more light into their kitchens. a modern kitchen with wood interiors  

Living Room

Your living room is where you host your guests or friends whenever you're in the mood to hang out. You want to make sure that the place displays the full breadth of your tastes and be as personalized as possible. How you set up your home says a lot about you; you don’t want people to get to know you the wrong way! If you like to go all-dark or all-light, it's at your discretion. But it's generally safer to experiment with more neutral shades that keep the mood upbeat in every weather. Honey-colored red oak or a classic mahogany hardwood in rustic brown tones are both stunners! Match the shade of wood with your upholstery and furniture, and you’re all set to host a movie night. New Day Floors LLC are the most reliable flooring contractors in San Antonio who understand your aesthetic requirements. We offer a range of flooring services, from installing hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiling, or vinyl flooring to all kinds of floor repairs. Call us today at (210) 549-3439 or reach out online!