While many types of flooring can be installed in your home, hardwood flooring is a favorite amongst homeowners all over the US. Hardwood floors give an elegant touch to your home; however, moisture can completely ruin it, making long-term maintenance extremely expensive. You’ll find that vinyl is one of the cheapest yet high quality options available. Vinyl flooring can mimic the appearance of any of these flooring options. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to make sure you make the most out of your vinyl floors.

Wipe It Off Quickly

Vinyl flooring is water-resistant, but if you want it to last another decade or two, clean up spilled liquids immediately. Soak up the liquid with a clean cloth before the spillage dries. However, don’t soak the floors with water in an attempt to clean them. Water will seep through the floor regardless of how well the flooring has been set and affect its structural integrity. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals like bleach or rub too hard; this might remove the polish and make your floors look dull.

It’s Pet Friendly!

Vinyl flooring offer a scratch-proof surface and doesn’t dent. Unlike the crevices of hardwood and the rough surface of stone flooring, it’s easy to clean up fallen fur from vinyl flooring’s smooth surface. Over 20% of pet owners declaw their pets to avoid scratches on their floors. However, with vinyl flooring, you won’t have to be concerned for the state of your floors. vinyl flooring all over the hallway and bedroom  

Use the Right Tools

Clean frequently with a broom or vacuum, so debris doesn’t build up anywhere. There are special vinyl floor cleaners that ensure only dirt comes off your floor and not its finish. Using wax after deep cleaning will further protect the floor’s finish. Dragging heavy furniture on the floor can lead to wear and tear. Try to pad the bottom or legs of your furniture before moving it so that it doesn’t scratch the floor. Furbish your home with the luxury vinyl flooring from New Day Floors LLC. As a professional flooring service, we have a wide selection of flooring systems. Hire our exceptional bathroom renovation and waterproof floor installation services in San Antonio. Have some more questions about how our service will transform your home? Contact us to get free estimates for your home renovation. Check out our website for more information.