Blowing new life into your bathroom often ends up blowing away more money than you bargained for. Little do you know, with a little recycling, you can shave plenty of dollars here and there without compromising on the overall quality. Here are smart ways in which you can remodel your bathroom.

1. Avoid Tile

Installing ceramic tiling on your floors and parts of the drywall may be common practice, but it’s also one that eats into your budget. Replace it with laminated or vinyl flooring, which lasts you just as long, has the same functionality as tile, and is easier to install and repair than ceramic.

2. Don’t Tear Down the Drywall

Many times, you find that the drywall is mouldy or damaged, and you get rid of all of it even though the damage itself is partial. Word of advice for your future bathroom remodels: leave the undamaged portion standing because that means less money spent on new drywall.

3. Not Too Late for the Toilet

If your toilet keeps running despite multiple repairs, instead of replacing it with an entirely new one, check if your toilet bowl and tank are intact. If yes, then only a few internal parts, which cost a fraction of what the fixture itself is worth, need changing, which you could easily achieve with your plumber’s help. hire a plumbing expert

4. Redesign with Existing Plumbing in Mind

A redesign that completely defies your current plumbing would require you to hire a plumbing expert to work with the contractors, which would be counterproductive to your budgeting efforts. Why fix what isn’t broken? There are plenty of ways to replan your bathroom while keeping its barebones intact, so go for them instead.

5. Go on a Vanity Hunt

Instead of getting a vanity built from scratch, shop for a prefabricated one. It is much cheaper than the customized alternative and has slots for everything already built into it. If you are unable to find a readymade vanity, find a dresser instead. You can always have holes drawn into it for the sink bowl and pipe.

6. Reuse the Sink and Bathtub

Sinks and bathtubs are usually made up of porcelain, a costly material, and not worth getting unless your current ones are damaged. Therefore, instead of spending your finances on getting a brand-new sink bowl and tub, redirect them to refurbishing the ones you already have. The makeover and amount of money saved may surprise you.

Bathroom Renovation in San Antonio with New Day Floors

Get a lot done with a lot less by applying these suggestions to your bathroom remodel. If you need a hand or further guidance, we can always help you out. Our flooring and bathroom planning experts can make sure you get the best value for your money. Call us at (210) 549-3439 or leave us a message to get renovating.