It’s a big misconception that people who prefer gray over other vibrant hues have a rather dull taste in colors. This is a baseless assumption that has no link to reality. Gray is a classic color and looks even more extravagant in home interiors. It's all about contrasting in with the right pairs to balance this shade's muted sobriety with more colorful tones. Here’s a quick guide on decorating your house in shades of gray.

Pick your Style

Before you dig into color palettes and hunt for the perfect gray shade that resonates with you, choose your style. Whether it is classic, contemporary, or hip, you can get an array of options within the same family of colors. Each style warrants a unique shade and saturation of gray. Choosing your style narrows down your search and makes it easier to form a mood board with gray tones.

Dark Gray Wood Floors

Thinking of gray floors instantly bring ceramic or tiled floors to mind. But you can find lots of options in hardwood flooring too. Many types of wood can be stained to create a rustic shade of gray. This is undoubtedly a statement color in modern interiors that gives your home a striking appearance. Pair it with bright furniture and accent the corners with something vibrant to give your home a livelier appearance. You can also maintain the same charcoal-metallic tones if you don’t want to experiment with other shades.   A kitchen with gray tones

Light Gray Tiling

Lighter shades of gray always infuse your home environment with a sense of serenity, calmness, and peace. They can hush up the louder tones and give your house a muted pastel look. You can choose other shades of blush pink, powder blue, and whites to decorate your interiors in the same strain. But since flooring is the most significant and dominant part of your interiors, start with matte tiling or ceramic flooring in gray first.

Choose Between Rustic or Prime Grade Hardwood

If you decide to go with hardwood floors, you'd need to decide on the wood grade. This impacts the overall look of your flooring. Prime grade timber has little variation in knots, whereas rustic grade wood has more of that that adds to the material's character. As the name suggests, prime grade wood cleans your place nicely and gives it a refined look. In comparison, rustic paneling will have a less smooth appearance with variations that add to its charm. Do you need contractors for flooring services in your area? Whether it be for installation or repairs, you can call New Day Floors LLC anytime for all kinds of flooring services. We specialize in all kinds of flooring, including hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tiling, vinyl flooring, and understand the aesthetic you want. Call them today at (210) 549-3439 or reach out to us online!