Have you decided to upgrade your home with stylish, durable, and unique tile floors? You've made the right decision! Tile flooring can replicate the most creative patterns and shapes in the flooring world. With things getting more exciting in 2022, here are some creative tile flooring patterns that'll be trending:

1. Wood-Like Tile Flooring

Natural wood-like tile flooring is the most nature-friendly option in the flooring market today! Manufacturers can now create tiles that resemble solid hardwood. You can get your textured tiles to look distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed wood surfaces. These tiles will make your home look expensive, trendy, and warm, helping you create a unique style statement. Wood-like tile flooring has become so popular that it might trend beyond 2022!

2. Stone-Look Tile Flooring

Stone-like tile flooring is common in bathrooms and kitchens and has gained increasing popularity. The high demand for stone-like tiles has pushed tile manufacturers to replicate the natural appearance of slates, marbles, and limestone. Stone-like tiles appear elegant and clean, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Concrete Tile Flooring

  A beautiful interior with concrete-like tile flooring If you're looking for a more contemporary interior design, concrete-like tile flooring would be an ideal choice for you! This modern and rustic look will add an awesome touch to your apartment, making it stylish and trendy. Concrete-like tiles might not be a suitable option for your family home. Thus, we believe this trend will lose its magic in the next few years!

4. Terrazzo Tile Flooring

You've probably seen the terrazzo tile flooring style in shopping centers and grocery stores. However, now you can bring this unique style into your homes too! The terrazzo style has gained significant popularity for residential use in the past few years and will maintain its status in 2022. Originally made from recycled chips of concrete, glass, and marble, terrazzo tiles portrayed a stunning speckled flooring design. Simple porcelain tiles can help you get this much sought-after terrazzo to look. It's safe to assume that the terrazzo tile flooring style is staying for a while. The trend has only just begun, and it'll be a while before it trails off.

5. Traditional White Tiles

Large, white format tiles can make your home look bigger and more elegant. Although white tiles are more common in kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial buildings, nothing should keep you from bringing these tiles into your bedroom in 2022. The designs and styles of tile flooring are boundless. If you wish to get any of these trendy tile floorings for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office, we can help. New Day Floors uses advanced installation techniques, technology, and tools to make your home unique and stylish. Contact us to get a free quote today.