The kitchen is the happiest place in your home. It is warm and inviting, and it should feel like a place where you can feel safe. In fact, one study found that for 98% of Americans cooking at home is indeed the favored method of meal preparation.

The Heart Of The Home: The Kitchen 

Think of the kitchen as the heart of the house. It needs to be full of love and energy and be clean and inviting. That is why it is critical to get the flooring, the largest area of the kitchen, built from the right material. With all of the foot activity and spills that a kitchen receives, you'll need a great-looking, long-lasting floor. One that can be cleaned and sanitized without worry about damage to the material itself.

SPC Flooring Installation In Your Kitchen

There are several reasons why we at New Day Floors LLC recommend SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. In our years of experience,  we have found that it is the best flooring option if you want a kitchen floor that is simple to clean and requires little upkeep.

1. SPC Flooring Is Waterproof

First and foremost, your kitchen flooring must be watertight. Out of all the options, from linoleum to sheet vinyl and ceramic tile, SPC stands out because it is waterproof. Yes, the sinks can overflow, or you may accidentally spill your water bottle. While we adore the beauty of wood flooring in the kitchen, it is not easy to maintain. SPC floors are an excellent alternative to wood floors because they are waterproof so that they will withstand all of your normal kitchen spills, and they are also stain-resistant, unlike some other flooring alternatives. SPC flooring provides an aesthetically beautiful floor with less stress. Spills and accidents on wood floors can harm the finish or produce dents. Similarly, while stone floors are strong, they are porous and readily stained.

2. SPC is Simple To Clean

SPC flooring only takes a wet mop to clean and is the simplest kitchen floor to maintain, making it perfect for a family who loves to cook. Plus, if you have pets and kids, you need to keep the floor sanitized, and this material is best because it can withstand harsh chemicals too! a family in the kitchen together

3. Non-Skid and slip surface 

When choosing a flooring for your kitchen, you also need to consider slips and falls. You don't want to risk falling in the kitchen if there is a water spill or a guest is wearing heels. A smooth or uneven stone floor may easily trip over or slip on. A textured surface, such as SPC flooring, can assist avoid slips and falls.

4. SPC Is An Investment That Lasts

Kitchens are among the most expensive rooms to renovate. SPC is built to last and SPC flooring, which evolved from sheet vinyl roots, is great for kitchens.

Professional Installation Of SPC Flooring In San Antonio

If you have questions about SPC Flooring, reach out to us at New Day Floors LLC. We are certified flooring contractors based in Texas and can assist you in the selection and installation of the best flooring products, such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and luxury vinyl flooring. Contact us or visit our website for more information.