Choosing a flooring company for your floor installation in San Antonio shouldn’t be a guessing game. It needs to be a calculated, well-informed decision based on facts and achievements of the company to avoid a renovation nightmare. We at New Day Floors LLC are a family-owned and certified flooring company based in San Antonio, Texas, with years of experience. We have the skills, expertise, and experience, but we also offer free on-site consultation and estimates and an extensive selection of commercial and residential flooring. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us from the flooring companies in San Antonio.

1. Certified Flooring Contractor

Our team is trained and certified. Plus, we have insured installation technicians, and we offer reliable warranties. So, rest assured, you are in good hands when you hire us. Our team will help guide you in finding the best solution for your commercial and residential flooring needs. We are ‘Screened and Approved’ by Home Advisor.

2.  Get The Results You Want

Attempting a DIY floor installation can be frustrating (especially if it’s your first time), and you may end up with broken planks or an unfinished project. If the flooring isn’t professionally installed, it might seem cheap and poor. Plus, it will also get damaged faster. We at New Day Floors do installations the right way. We don’t cut corners, and we ensure a satisfactory finish. That means no creaking floors or broken planks. When we begin the installation, we make certain that the base is properly prepped. This makes sure that there are no spaces or flaws in the final results. woman tiptoeing on floor

3. Stress-Free Process For You

Installing new flooring is a laborious operation that demands attention and sound decision-making. Hiring a qualified flooring expert from our team will allow you to go about your daily activities and attend to other vital matters without worrying about your floors.

4. Costing And Investment

Trying to get the best out of your budget? Our team offers free quotes based on materials you plan to use and advises on the right flooring for the right room based on your budget. If your budget is for $3–$5 per square foot, we can recommend engineered wood flooring, vinyl tiles, or solid hardwood. If you are looking for flooring for your laundry room, we will recommend materials that can are waterproof, like SPC flooring.

Professional Flooring Technicians In San Antonio, Texas

We at New Day Floors Serve New Braunfels and surrounding areas with our exceptional flooring services. These include vinyl flooring, laminated flooring, porcelain tile flooring, and WPC flooring. Read what our customers say about us. To get a free quote, call us at (210) 549-3439 or contact us for a free consultation.