New Day Floors is not the go-to option for your flooring needs if you don’t like:

  • One-stop solutions.
  • Efficient project management.
  • Modern flooring designs for less.
  • A flooring service that delivers stress-free and hassle-free services.

This isn’t all. Here are a few more options why we’re not The one for you.

You Enjoy Looking At Your Old Flooring…

If your carpets are covered in grime and hardwood has lost its luster, we understand if you’d want to look at it. You probably think that cracked floors, outdated designs, and major water damage are not just very aesthetically pleasing but also add to the value of your home.

You might also assume that any potential homebuyer could be willing to break the bank and invest in your property. When was the last time a guest complimented a badly stained grout in your tile or was very impressed with all the pet damage that’s deeply ingrained in the flooring?

If you truly appreciate the idea of walking around on flooring like this, you don’t need to choose New Day Floors.

However, if you’re an enthusiastic homeowner and want the flooring to look pristine, spotless, and spectacularly shiny—our flooring specialists will be a call away! The ball is in your court.

Hardwood flooring inside a home in San Antonio

You Have Extra Cash To Burn—Endlessly

If you want to take up hefty loans from private lenders for home renovations and unnecessarily hurt your credit score, it makes sense why you don’t want to consult us. New Day Floors takes pride in being one of the few services in San Antonio that offer reasonable fees and cost-effective flooring solutions. We pride ourselves in being cost competitive and make sure our charges fit the client’s budget.

If you want to empty your pockets for vinyl flooring and don’t like economical solutions, you SHOULDN’T choose New Day Floors. The choice is yours.

You’d Rather Not Go to a Flooring Specialist

If you don’t want your flooring to last a long time, don’t really like good value for money, and aren’t fond of viable investment decisions, you have no reason to go to a flooring specialist. A flooring specialist is more like a project manager that allows you to sit back and relax and takes care of the entire installation process.

If you want to take the tough route, invest in frequent repairs, and are okay with improper installation, a flooring specialist is not for you!

BUT, if you’re on a budget and need long-lasting solutions, New Day Floors LLC is the best option in San Antonio. Our services include ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, tile flooring, and WPC vinyl flooring.

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