Hardwood floors are a raging trend. Most homeowners prefer hardwood floors for their timeless appeal and classic look. However, homeowners with hardwood flooring also know how hard and frustrating it is to maintain and upkeep hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are stylish, attractive, and durable, but maintaining them can be a hassle for most homeowners. Even the smallest maintenance mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. This blog will take you through some easy and effective tips to maintain your hardwood floors and make the most of your investment.

Regularly Dust and Sweep Hardwood Floors

A daily and regular dusting using a microfiber dust mop or a regular broom should do the trick and keep your floors spotless. Also, sweeping hardwood floors might be a little too much; dusting them daily is necessary to eliminate the dust and debris that may damage your floors. Moreover, while most homeowners opt for a regular broom, you should use a microfiber dust mop for the best and most effective results. It efficiently traps dust particles and allergens instead of pushing them around like a broom.

Use a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Most homeowners mistake using water to mop their hardwood floors despite knowing that water and wood do not mix well. So, to save your floors from this mess, always use an oil-based and soap-free hardwood floor cleaner. These cleaners are specially designed to clean hardwood floors while maintaining their finish. However, you can mix warm water with soap for newly installed hardwood flooring and use the mixture to mop the floors clean.   Sanding hardwood floors for a finished look

Annual Deep Cleaning

How often you need to clean your hardwood floors deep depends on several factors such as kids, pets, foot traffic, and a regular cleaning schedule. However, it can vary from home to home. First, you need to identify your floor type and then opt for an effective cleaning method to deep clean your hardwood floors.

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