Renovations are some of the best ways to introduce creative changes and improvements to a living space. A renovated bathroom, for example, adds considerable value to your house, elevates its aesthetic, and gives your house a luxurious feel.

If you're seriously looking into a bathroom remodel, here are three improvements that could add to your bathroom's safety, functionality, and comfort.

Make Sure To Include A Window In The Shower

Humidity is a neat and clean bathroom’s biggest enemy. It encourages mold growth, damages the paint, and makes dry, hard surfaces wet—all while causing you to feel stuffy and hot. One of the best ways to encourage proper ventilation in the bathroom is to get a window installed in your shower compartment.

Even though a fan would suffice too, a window brings the added benefit of letting fresh air in and keeping your bathroom clean and free of mold while also bringing in loads of natural light.

A Separate Shower Floor—Preferably Textured Tile

When going for a bathroom remodel, you’ll find that there are at least a million flooring options for you to pick from. However, you can narrow them down by honing in on one important factor—such as safety.

Opting for a textured tile for your shower space will make sure that you give yourself extra grip, which will keep you from slipping. Another advantage of textured tiles is that they are easier to clean and won’t fade with continued use.

Install A Non-Slip Floor

Even though shower spaces need flooring materials like textured tiles to make sure you don’t slip, if you can manage it, doing the rest of the bathroom in a different non-slip flooring material is also a great idea.

This will keep you safe from any water that drips from your hair, body, or overflows from the shower compartment. Interesting options for the rest of the bathroom include cork, non-slip vinyl, carpet, and ceramic, among other options.

Now that you know what to take care of when you’re going for a brand-new bathroom remodel, it’s time to start looking for a reliable company that has the experience, expertise, and professionalism to deliver high-quality services.

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